Jobs Act, news for disabled placement

Disabled placement changes in small and medium-sized companies. Because of Job Act, starting from January the 1st 2017, in order to support integration of disabled people that risk to be excluded from world of work, there have been arranged new obligations for companies regarding the disabled workers hiring quotas. With the new rules, in summary, the companies obligation to hire a disabled worker always springs from 15 employees, but whereas before it started only in case of new hirings, now whoever has from 15 to 35 employees must hire at least a disable worker, two if there are from 36 to 50 employees, while if there are more than 50 employees there is the obligation to reserve the 7% of available places in favour of the disabled and the 1% in favour of disabled relatives and repatriated refugees.

The recipients. All the companies with more than 14 employees are obliged to reserve a quota to civil invalids with invalid percentage from 46 to 100%, work invalids with invalid percentage higher than 33%, service invalids, war invalids and invalids with handicap from 1st to 8th category, blinds and deaf-mutes; protected categories: Italian refugees, orphans, widowers of deceased because of work, war or service and equated (are equated to widowers and orphans the spouses and sons of non-placeable declared severely disabled of work, of war and service with 1st category pension), victims of duty, terrorism and organized crime.

Target. The legislator’s innovated regulations pursue the aim to introduce instruments and procedures allowing to conform the ethical and moral need of ensuring work opportunities to disabled and the sustainability of this type of insertion in the organizational company set up. A target difficult to achieve and for which it’s necessary to adequately evaluate the working capacities of protected people analyse work opportunities, sustain forms, positive actions, without neglecting the management of problems connected to spaces, instruments and interpersonal relationships in work places.

Hiring outline. Employers that occupy more than 14 employees, as said, are put through hiring obligation according to manpower employed dimension:
1) From 15 to 35 units: obligation to hire a disabled
2) From 36 to 50 units: obligation to hire 2 disabled
3) Over 50 units: obligation to reserve 7% of available places in favour of disabled and 1% in favour of disabled relatives and repatriated refugees.

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