INAIL, funds for disabled rehabilitation

For years the architectural barriers overcoming and the disabled rehabilitation in employments have represented some of the more debated themes in the disability world.
Recently, with a circular, INAIL has activated actions to sustain employers in their obligations of including people with accident or disease disability. Already ready 21,2 million Euros to employ in 2017.
With circular n.51/2016 the Institute provides a vademecum on how to apply the regulation and the working integration of people with work disability, then to allow the application all over Italy.
In the circular it is explained in a particular way how to activate the interventions. And it is referred to:

  • To recipients
  • To personalization of projects from INAIL multidisciplinary equips that have to elaborate them.
  • To employers involved as active part in rehabilitation projects.
  • To the nature and characteristics of interventions.
    What is the purpose of the interventions? To allow the injured people and the occupational diseased to have the possibility of a work continuity, but also a different role or task in case the injury or disease can’t allow to proceed the previous work.
    Costs will be covered by INAIL respecting limits of financial resources already allocated in statement. For the current year, the allocated resources to this type of intervention amount to 21,2 million Euros. Among other things the Institute circular clarifies the 3 types of intervention previewed and on expense limits by typology.
    First regards the interventions for overcoming and dejection of architectural barriers in work places (building, plant and home automation improvements, devices in order to consent accessibility and usability of work places) with a refundable spending without exceeding 95.000 Euro;
  • Second type includes all the adjustment and adaptation interventions for workstations. Between these: adjustment interventions for furnishings, aids and technologic, software or automation devices; included special commands and working vehicles adjustment. Maximum limit expense is fixed in 40.000 Euro.
  • Training measures, among which personalized training interventions to utilization of workstations and relative work, training and tutoring equipment (maximum limit expense refundable is 15.000 Euro).

For more information you can see the INAIL circular.

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