Guide to tax breaks for disabled

“Agenzie per le entrate” site has published the “GUIDA ALLE AGEVOLAZIONI FISCALI PER I DISABILI” updated to January 2017. It’s an important vademecum to find all fiscal rules in favour of disabled taxpayer and their families. The guide contains information on deductions, medical expenses and fiscal discounts. Among the news the IRPEF deduction of 19% on incurred expenses for insurance policies. This measure expects death risk or permanent disability not less than 5% from whatever deriving cause, or not self-sufficient risk in accomplishment of everyday life acts, if the insurance company doesn’t have possibility to terminate from the contract.

The total deductible amount is equal to:
– 530 Euro for insurances that provide death risk or permanent disability
– 1291,14 Euro (net of insurance prizes relating to death risk or permanent disability) for those that cover not self-sufficient risk in accomplishment of everyday life acts.

From 2016 it has been elevated from 350 Euro to 750 Euro the deductible import for insurance policies premium paid, under protection of people with severe disability (as defined by art.3, comma 3, law 104/1992), that cover death risk. Another news concerns inheritance and gift tax: in this case there are different rates according to relationship degree between the deceased person and who benefits from testamentary dowry. The revenue authority guarantees a preferential treatments if the person who benefits treatment is severely disabled, recognized as such within the meaning of law 104/1992. In these cases, in fact, it is expected that the tax due by heir, or the donation recipient, apply only on the share inherited (or donated) that passes the amount of 1.500.000 Euro.

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