INAIL, funds for disabled rehabilitation

For years the architectural barriers overcoming and the disabled rehabilitation in employments have represented some of the more debated themes in the disability world. Recently, with a circular, INAIL has activated actions to sustain employers in their obligations of including people with accident or disease disability. Already ready 21,2 million Euros to employ in 2017. […]

Law 104, permits also for rest?

Recently many have again talked about of benefits offered by law 104/1992. On that point the “Corte di Cassazione” has specified the difference between vacations and paid leave, clarifying furthermore an aspect: leave can serve also for rest from assistance. But with limits, very strict. The rule, as we know, offers the possibility to enjoy […]

Guide to tax breaks for disabled

“Agenzie per le entrate” site has published the “GUIDA ALLE AGEVOLAZIONI FISCALI PER I DISABILI” updated to January 2017. It’s an important vademecum to find all fiscal rules in favour of disabled taxpayer and their families. The guide contains information on deductions, medical expenses and fiscal discounts. Among the news the IRPEF deduction of 19% […]

Jobs Act, news for disabled placement

Disabled placement changes in small and medium-sized companies. Because of Job Act, starting from January the 1st 2017, in order to support integration of disabled people that risk to be excluded from world of work, there have been arranged new obligations for companies regarding the disabled workers hiring quotas. With the new rules, in summary, […]