The reasons and needs of disabled people, these are our production focus

KSP is a leader society in planning and marketing of relax armchairs, stair climbers, mobility aids and healthcare furniture.

For over 25 years KSP Italia focuses on needs of restricted mobility people. Research and innovation are our success keys.

Moving, going out, getting up, resting, take care, KSP is born to give a little great support and to improve the everyday life quality.

In KSP from planning to marketing, every produced piece meets to specific and strict standards and international certifications.

What moves us

A company is not a simple sum of businesses and sales . A company is something more. It’s a living body, that changes, evolves, grows up and has an own vision and identity. During its 25 years of activity, KSP Italia has improved and thrived putting in the centre of its business idea 4 elements. 4 founding principles that have represented and still represent the company lifeblood and engine.

Human factor

Ksp was founded by family Emanuelli in the ‘90s. The production core was sanitary furniture and medical devices. This has been our starting point. From there it was born what we are now. With time we have become a leader company in our area, specialised in production of tracked and wheeled stair climbers, relax armchairs and mobility aids. Developing process of a company has to be found in a number of reasons. In our case the most important reason has been the human factor. This is our improvement driving force. We have placed at the centre of our business the reasons and needs of disabled people.


For us, changing is a signal of vitality, energy, and improvement. Self-improving is part of our genetic code. Innovation and research drive us during our path. We always try to give a new form to our products. We adapt them at the time we’re living and we take care of them letting answer to accurate standards and international certifications. We do that because we believe this will help better facing everyday challenges. Our mission is making easier the daily life of world we are addressing. Moving, going out, getting up, resting, live, KSP is born to give a little great support to those who try to self-improve. Always.


Our company has more than 25 years of life. It’s a great goal. A number that tells a lot about us. More than what can be imagined at first sight. What does this date tell us? That KSP story is a successful story. Because no one can stay in the market for 25 years without doing well his work. That, for the same reasons, we have maintained an high innovation standard. Otherwise we would have been wiped out by competitors. But they are also a sign of strength, enthusiasm and brightness we always keep with us. If we are here, that’s because on the market we are more competitive than before. That’s because we have done it thanks to a group of people that during the years have become our family.


What’s the real meaning, the deep sense, of the word MADE IN ITALY? According to KSP is the link with the territory, with what surrounds us. A link made of planning, passion for work, a proper relationship with nature (or environment). Our region, Umbria, is little, but preserves great business and human capacities. Our company is open to the world. But its roots are here, in Umbria, in Bevagna. We are global but proudly local. In Ksp, from design to marketing, we know that every piece coming out from our production breathes our same air and feeds itself of our light. It’s part of us.