The reasons and needs of disabled people, these are our production focus


KSP is a leader society in planning and marketing of relax armchairs, stair climbers, mobility aids and healthcare furniture.


For over 25 years KSP Italia focuses on needs of restricted mobility people. Research and innovation are our success keys.


Moving, going out, getting up, resting, take care, KSP is born to give a little great support and to improve the everyday life quality.


In KSP from planning to marketing, every produced piece meets to specific and strict standards and international certifications.


We help to regain spaces, to live things around us


The electric wheelchair K-Energy from Ksp Italia has a maximum capacity of 150 Kg, speed of 6 Km/h and an operating range of approximately 15 Km, that changes with user’s weight, terrain conditions, battery conditions, temperature and guiding habits. Maximum inclination is 12°.

K-Energy - Technical features

The electric wheelchair K-Energy from Ksp Italia is folding, ultralight, resistant, easy to carry and manoeuver, with 2 lithium batteries. Its structure is in metal and is 101 cm long and 63 cm wide. With a total height of 93 cm it has electromagnetic breaks and freewheel mode.

An armchair for two?

Ksp armchairs Italia are structurally solid and with a high adaptation capacity. In the relax-armchairs area we can count on a structural network of craftsmen that guarantee a high quality. Ksp Italia started performing 25 years ago in relax-furniture area. Ksp deeply knows the market needs.

KSP Intro

Our products are also imagined to be beautiful. For many, disability (temporary or permanent) or reduced mobility are generally considered as a crippling condition. For Ksp Italia it’s a community heritage. Therefore to develop in every aspect, also in the materials’ elegance.


Close to you in every moment

assistenza reale

and real support

The service support, Ksp Italia relieves you of charges after-sale: from personal delivery with installation, testing and use-instructions to the technical assistance through specialized operators. You’ll be assisted, protected and free from any problem.

servizio post vendita

and support services

Ksp Italia provides a home support service. By 48 hours after intervention request, our technicians will contact you for an appointment. At performed work the courtesy service will recall you to verify your satisfaction.

consegna domicilio


Ksp Italia offers the home delivery possibility of its products. The service provide: telephone notice, floor delivery, unpacking, installation and test, use instructions, collection and disposal of packaging, express delivery if required.


Disability world is our world

INAIL, funds for disabled rehabilitation

For years the architectural barriers overcoming and the disabled rehabilitation in employments have represented some of the more debated themes in the disability world. Recently, with a circular, INAIL has activated actions to sustain employers in their obligations of including people with accident or disease disability. Already ready 21,2 million Euros to employ in 2017. […]

Law 104, permits also for rest?

Recently many have again talked about of benefits offered by law 104/1992. On that point the “Corte di Cassazione” has specified the difference between vacations and paid leave, clarifying furthermore an aspect: leave can serve also for rest from assistance. But with limits, very strict. The rule, as we know, offers the possibility to enjoy […]


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